Cat Angry About Turning 14 Will Have You Howling

Angry birthday cat

Okay, we love birthdays but we can’t say the same for cats. If you are planning a birthday party for your feline bestie, you might find this cat’s reaction to his own birthday celebration quite fascinating and hilarious.

A lot of times these four-legged buddies interest us with their unique ways of handling and doing things. Yes, of course, some have proven to be fashion models, walking the runway like a pro, while others take matters into their own hands by cracking the code to their automatic feeder.

But how do they exactly feel about their birthdays? We don’t think it is any different from how some people feel about turning another year older. Take a look at this funny video of an angry cat celebrant shared by TikTokdog on TikTok.

The cat obviously doesn’t look happy or impressed about the celebration. We can only imagine what is going through his mind but we can’t say for sure what it is.

Possibly, he isn’t happy about getting older (just like some of us), the birthday “cake” isn’t big enough for a 14-year-old cat, or his subjects are singing the “meow meow” birthday song wrongly.

Whatever the reason for his displeasure and anger, his facial expression is extremely hilarious. And that’s one of the many reasons why we love cats, when they are not having it with it, they won’t fake it.

The comment section was bustling with funny comments like:

“He’s literally like “HOW DARE YOU””

“I would lock the bedroom door tonight.”

“He’s like so many grammatical errors going on here”

“Bro is not happy”

And it all got us laughing so hard, there is certainly something on the cat’s mind and we are not sure the owners would be pleased to find out. But still, we do hope this cat is thriving in his new age.

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