These Dogs Reaction To Getting Tricked Into Tasting Lemons Will Crack You Up

Jasmine Okechukwu

Dogs are exceptional pets for real. They are well known for their loyalty, companionship, versatility, intelligence, and various other positive qualities that contribute to strong bonds with their owners.

For lots of dog lovers, there is zero to no reason why they shouldn’t be offered all the love and care in the world for their amazing qualities to bring joy to their hearts.

These four-legged buddies are naturally funny without even trying and this makes them extremely hilarious.

The truth is we can not get enough of their uncanny antics. And we had so much fun watching this amazing TikTok video and we are affirmative that you will as well take a look.

At the start of the delightful video, an unsuspecting dog stands eager to catch whatever his owner has in his hands. Unknowing to him he was about to become a victim of a lemony surprise orchestrated by his beloved owner.

As he eagerly waited for the toss from his mischievous owner, oblivious to the impending sour surprise, he finally got hold of the slice of lemon as it was thrown toward him.

The immediate reaction was priceless, it was a comical mix of confusion, and surprise, as the lemon rapidly showed its true colors in the dog’s mouth.

Clueless about the first canine’s ordeal, the second dog eagerly stepped up, ready to showcase his catching ability. But little did he know, he was set for an unpleasant surprise.

As the owner tossed another lemon slice, the unsuspecting dog snatched it from the air with enthusiasm. However, the taste of the lemon hit him with a burst of citrus bullets.

His reaction stole the show, as he stood overwhelmed by the unexpected blow in his mouth, he looked utterly clueless, as if wondering what this newfound flavor was exactly.

When the owner, offered the lemon slice to him the second time, this dog was done with being tricked. With a swift retreat, he made it clear that he didn’t want to be a part of the treat anymore.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the dogs’ reactions. These dogs have turned a simple slice of lemon into a memorable and entertaining moment for all.

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