This Cat Loves Binge Eating As He Figures Out How To Turn On His Automatic Feeder

Cat figures out how to turn on automatic feeder

What’s there not to love about cats? They are smart, intelligent, and well there’s the superior attitude we can’t deny. Even when they sometimes pretend to be unaware of what’s happening, cats know everything.

Additionally to their amazing personalities, cats are super independent and sufficient pets. They do know how to take care and fend for themselves. They clean themselves and are experts in hunting for their food.

Sometimes they really make us wonder if they actually need us to take care of them but we do know that they also deserve all the love that they can get.

However, what happens when your cat finally cracks the code of how to turn on the automatic feeder? We wouldn’t really know but let’s watch the moment when this super-intelligent cat signs himself up for unlimited meal times.

In the clip, the cat is seen touching the plug of the automatic feeder like he understands what he is doing. After patiently working on the feeder’s plug, his trials become fruitful as some of his cat food drops into the bowl.

He runs straight to his bowl for some delicious treat: mission accomplished! We are pretty sure his owner must be surprised by these genius attempts. The comment section didn’t hide their amazement.

“What university did cat attend?!” One comment wrote.

“This cat is smarter than most humans nowadays” added another.

“Cats are so smart. My cat turns off the lights when she is ready to go to sleep” says another commenter.

Well who knows, cats may take over the world pretty soon, their mischievous nature and how they come up with ways to their problems needs to be studied. But that aside, these masters of mischief are just so smart, cute, and adorable and they do have our hearts forever!

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