This Dog Bringing Himself Home To His Owners Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog Brings Himself Home

As a dedicated dog owner, you should already know that these adorable creatures, often engage in funny behaviors to sometimes entertain themselves, seek attention, or just simply show their playful nature.

Most times these actions are their way of trying to engage with their owners or have fun for some goofy stimulation. Dogs are social animals, and they naturally just want to please their owners as well as bring happiness to their lives.

However, it is no news that each dog’s personality and behavior can vary, contributing to the unique and sometimes amusing ways they interact with their owners.

For this dog, it is a whole different ball game and very funny antics to cause his owners to burst out in joyful laughter. Take a look.

In this hilarious video, this clever dog amused us with his unusual yet adorable behavior. The determined seems to bringing himself home in an expected way, he is reluctantly carrying his collar in his mouth, like a furry hero embarking on a mission.

As the owner stood outside, capturing the comical scene, they could hold their laughter. The dog, seemingly unbothered about his owners, continued to take charge of his homecoming as he passed them on the porch and straight he went to the living room.

Immediately he got into the house, he found the top of a table, sat on it, and then let go of his collar with a proud look of mission accomplished.

There is absolutely no doubt that in this household, the four-legged resident knew how to make a grand entrance and keep everyone giggling and laughing.

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