These Two Dog Best Friends FaceTiming Is Not Just Adorable But Also Rib Cracking

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dogs facetiming each other

When it comes to dogs, they never cease to amaze us. Aside from being fun and sometimes trouble, dogs can FaceTime each other and be chatty while at it too!

Although they may not comprehend video calls in the same way humans do, dogs can show various reactions to the sights and sounds coming from a screen.

Some dogs may display curiosity or confusion, while others might even recognize the voice of their owners and in this case that of their dog best friends.

One good example of dogs that understand the concept behind video calls is these two adorable dogs as they both communicate in an unusual way humans can not comprehend. Take a look.


They miss each other 😭❤️ @I Can’t Even (via @Rollo and Sadie)

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These two inseparable dog best friends, Rollo and Sadie, found a way to bridge the distance that had temporarily separated them. Their owners, recognizing the pals’ strong bond, decided to set up a FaceTime call between the furry friends.

As the video continued, Rollo, chatted away in the incomprehensible dog language, seemingly pouring out tales of his daily escapades and how much he misses his bestie.

On the other end of the connection, Sadie watched and listened attentively, her eyes somehow reflected a sense of understanding and empathy.

When Rollo was done “talking” and telling his tale, a surprising twist unfolded. Sadie, clearly moved by what Rollo must have said to her, began to howl loudly.

It was as if she was expressing the depth of her emotions and couldn’t wait to reunite with her best friend again.

The funniest part of this video was Rollo’s face when Sadie started howling, it was obvious that he was taken aback by her emotional response, and stared at the screen in something that looked like shock. She was certainly more dramatic than he thought!

Sadie did take her time pouring her heart out to Rollo and this caused their owners to laugh. What a dramatic bunch these dogs are.

However, some of us can relate to how they must be feeling about not being together. They miss each other so much and we are glad to see that dogs too can share a unique and heartwarming friendship.

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