This Cat Engaging In A Cat Fight With His Owner Is Extremely Hilarious To Watch

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat fights with his owner

Orange cats can be super chaotic and problematic. They are often described as confident and outgoing and may approach situations with curiosity and dogheadedness thereby causing them to adapt well to challenges in their environment.

Most orange cats are energetic and very expressive of how they feel. They may “talk” to their owners with meows, purring, or even engage in cat fights just to prove a point.

In a side-splitting TikTok moment, an orange cat who is so full of himself found himself in a hilarious stand-off with his owner.


Cat was ready for action 😭 @I Can’t Even

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The video begins with this cat standing by the side of his owner’s bed, seemingly contemplating a mischievous move that his owner, warns him against.

Unmoved and wearing an expression that suggests indifference, this stubborn cat proceeds to try to do precisely what his owner is cautioning him about. Well, he is a cat, and, naturally, he does what he wants to do whenever he wants to do it.

In his defense, felines are used to running things in the house and not the other way around. On seeing that her mischievous cat is unfazed, the cat’s mom takes a more serious approach by hitting the mattress to emphasize that she means business.

This unexpected move triggers the cat, and this encounter turns into a full-blown “cat fight,” not against another feline, but with his owner. Paws are thrown, and his owner matches his energy as engages in the playful tussle.

At last, the cat, perhaps tired or realizing that he has taught his owner enough lesson, gracefully walks away, leaving us all in stitches. The video becomes proof of the unique and sometimes challenging personalities of orange cats.

We are sure that despite their playful “cat fight” this cat and its owner are going to make up. However, it is inevitable for misunderstandings not to arise between two “housemates” who have great love for each other.

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