Super Model Cat Puts On A Fashion Show, And We Can’t Help But Love It

Jasmine Okechukwu
Super Model Cat Puts On A Fashion Show

Fashionista on the runway.

Cats are very adorable companions but they can also have a sassy and mischievous attitude that convinces us that they think they are our superiors and the boss of the house. They are hardly compliant or obedient, and we absolutely love them for their audacious behavioral patterns.

Now let’s talk about how cute cats are. They fill our lives with so much love and naughtiness, and we all as cat parents can not get enough of them. Sleek and charming, these masters of mischief are always up to something sneaky.

But what if these fluffy balls have a hidden modeling talent that we haven’t really explored? After watching this video, you understand why it is called “catwalk”.

In the video shared by The Pets Universal on TikTok, this adorable four-legged model is seen walking down a self-made runway wearing a variety of cute outfits. Some outfits make her look more like a Sheriff and then one popular outfit has been a widespread meme.

The dark shades are spot on and we can all agree that this supermodel cat deserves a 10/10 for every outfit worn and loads of treats for an excellent fashion show. No doubt the comment section was bustling with praises for our favorite supermodel cat.

“This cat got fashion,” one comment says.

“Wow did she work with Miss J?” added another.

“How did you get this feline to willingly dress up let alone do the purrfect catwalk? lol” wondered another commenter.

Well, we will never really know how this masterpiece was created, but we enjoyed every bit of the show. There is no reason not to find the video share amazing and mindblowing.

The walk, the poise, the outfits, and the dedication are just super adorable! We are lucky enough to lay our eyes on such entertainment and look forward to seeing more content like this.

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