This Cat Politely Asks His Cat Guest To Leave His Spot And It Is Super Adorable To Watch

Jasmine Okechukwu

Cats are indeed wonderful pets. Although they are a bit difficult to understand sometimes, it is usually a very rewarding experience when you crack the nuts.

These pets are generally known for their unique behavioral patterns, they are also different in personalities.

When it comes to accommodating another cat companion, humans are usually clueless as to what to expect from their pets since cats can react differently.

Some may be curious, while others might feel territorial. This is why it is advised to introduce them gradually, providing separate spaces initially and closely monitoring their interactions.

However, this adorable cat has got to be the most polite cat host you will ever encounter, and his behavior towards the cat his pet mom is babysitting. Take a look.


To be fair I think my friends cat is pretty soft too. He jumped away and begged for food after this #fyppage #foryoupage #catmom #catsoftiktok #cats

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As the video started, Chase cautiously looked and assessed the other cat. As he looked on, curiosity got the best of him and he extended a paw in an attempt to touch the cat.

The second cat, not in a very friendly mood, responded with a hiss and a swat, clearly uninterested in this newfound attention.

Undeterred, Chase persisted in his attempts it was as if he was trying to tell the guest cat something. But each time Chase reached out, the other cat would voice his disapproval.

This interaction caused many to laugh and speculate what Chase’s true intentions were towards the cat. Was he politely asking the other cat to vacate his spot, or was he simply trying to engage the cat in some fun activities? Well, will never really know.

In the end, whether Chase was trying to befriend the cat or not, the video showcased the endearing and unfriendly nature of cats.

Chase is indeed a persistent, polite, and lovable feline, and we would all love to see more videos of him.

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