This Orange Cat’s Face When His Cat “Buddy” Stands Up For Itself Is Hilarious

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cats fighting

Cat disputes are not only messy but they can also be extremely hilarious. The reason for the tussle could be due to many reasons such as food, territory, attention, or just a general sense of competition and dominance.

In as much as this kind of encounter can be entertaining, cat owners are encouraged to provide a harmonious environment, properly introduce them, and also ensure that each cat has its space can help prevent and manage their conflicts.

That said, nothing would prepare you for this cat drama that you are about to see. Take a look.


This orange cat always bullies other cat.#cat #fyp #pet

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From the look of things the orange cat had long been the instigator, and has playfully been bullying the gray cat for a while now. However, today was different. The gray cat, seemingly tired of being the victim, had reached a breaking point.

As the drama unfolded, the gray cat retaliated with an act of newfound courage, surprising the orange cat and even so many viewers.

Hissing and vocalizing his discontent, the once passive gray cat hit the orange cat with consistent slaps. A lot of viewers were invested this encounter as some comments read:

“Grey cat was fed up”

“Cat fights are so intense”

“I love how the camera man gets closer to their face after they fight it’s like a post-game interview”

“Normal orange cat activities”

The orange cat, who had been the one asserting dominance for so long, suddenly found himself on the receiving end. His eyes softened, and his once confident demeanor shifted to one of regret. It was a lesson learned the hard way: bullying wouldn’t get him anywhere.

Now subdued and seemingly on the verge of tears, this orange cat looked sorry and repentant. This video teaches a lot but one thing for sure is the lesson to stand up for ourselves in every situation.

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