This Dog Dancing To A Social Media Trend Will Blow Your Mind

Jasmine Okechukwu

Fun times with pets and creating lasting memories with them are one of the highlights of every pet owner’s day. Being able to share everything with and also do a lot of things with them not only makes us happy but these adorable pets as well.

Over time we have witnessed pet owners rock matching outfits with their beloved, share their treats, and also allow them to join in on some of social media trends. These endearing moments are super enchanting and adorable as we now wonder how much our pets have evolved.

TikTok, however, has tons and loads of videos of pets joining in on trends but one that particularly stands out is one from RedLabRicky. You can’t help but notice the passion this amazing dog puts into every move. For this sweet doggie, its lights, camera, action, dance, dance, dance. Now take a look.


Embracing my role as Ricky’s backup dancer

♬ original sound – Eggs Tyrone

Cute and sweet, isn’t it? Of course, it is. We are quite sure Ricky would come home with a gold medal if he ever features in a dance competition because he’s got the moves. And his owner must feel super lucky to have such a cool dog who understands the assignment.

Not that we envy Ricky’s mom, but it is cool to have such an adorable dog with such an amazing rhythm. Actually, Ricky doesn’t miss a beat as he jumps, with his owner right behind him as his backup dancer.

“Ricky’s got all the moves” reads a comment.

He is not only on the beat, he also backs it up too” says another.

“Ricky is my favorite tiktoker!” cries a commenter.

“This is literally the cutest video I’ve ever seen and it made my day” goes another.

We bet it did make her day as it made ours too. Ricky’s got some talents and it is mind-blowing how he does his thing on the dance floor. Stunning as it is, we always want to see more dance moves from Ricky.

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