This Stunning Dog Rocking Matching Outfits With His Dad Is Picture Perfect

Jasmine Okechukwu
Stunning chow chow rocking same outfit with owner

Doggy drip.

In case you didn’t know dogs too can drip, we are happy to announce that indeed they can. In general, dogs look good in any outfit you pick out for them. They are natural stunners if you ask us. They come into our lives and brighten our world.

We are given reasons every day to agree that they are simply the best! For one they keep us entertained, they wag their tails when they see us, and apologize when they upset us and we can not get enough of them.

In a cute video released by Posesandoutfits on YouTube, this furry little Chow Chow is seen getting styled in the same outfit as his dad, and he looks absolutely gorgeous. Take a look.

All the fluffiness and cuteness of this dog were put to good use as he looks stunning after dressing up. He surely couldn’t wait to hit the road as soon as his drip was complete, following his owner closely, this doggy excitedly heads for the great outdoors.

The comment section is bustling with nice comments.
“I can say that your dog is the cutest in the world,” says a commenter.

“Your dog is so cute, fluffy, and pretty” added another.

“The dog is so adorable“ another commenter chips in.

Chow Chows are natural breath takers, coupled with a banging fit, you just know the world is not ready for the drip that is about to be unleashed.

We do love some dog “Get Ready With Me” videos, they are always a sensation to watch. So hide your dogs as this stylish chow chow is sure to take their breaths away (literally!).

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