Stealthy Dog Stealing Brother’s Toy Is Over-The-Top Humorous

Stealthy Dog Steals Toy from His Brother

Dogs can be very sneaky and super smart while at it. Toys are one of the essential tools that every pet owner should have around to help stimulate their pets as it gives them better control of their environment. While they can absolutely dread some, it is very common for them to cherish some toys.

Dogs and pets, in general, can develop a strong attachment to their toys, they can literally choose to do everything with these toys, most especially take a blissful and restful sleep with their favorite toy right in their paws.

This is the case of this innocent napping dog, he seems to be so deep into dreamland when his mischievous and stealthy brother comes to sneakily steal the toy from him. Watch this.

We are thrilled to watch this video clip shared on Tiktop by Benny_and_remy, and amazed by Remy’s smooth moves of taking a toy from Benny’s paws. We can bet that the particular toy being carefully snatched away from the sleeping dog has caused a good amount of trouble between both dogs.

And Remy’s next best move is to steal it back from an unaware Benny. Watching this stealthy dog retrieve the toy from the sleeping dog had us in suspense, we were all wondering if he would be caught or not.

It was a relief when it was finally mission accomplished (phew! he had us scared for him for a while). Now he’s got it and yay! we are all very ecstatic for him. But hold on, does this scene not ring a bell to us?

It should remind a lot of us of how we used to retrieve a toy that everyone seemed to adore so much from our unaware sibling. Well, Benny would have to brainstorm on how he’s going to get that toy back from Remy. but no need to worry he is a golden “retriever” so he’d figure it out.

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