Comical Moment German Shepherd Shows Displeasure With The Dancing Cactus

Jasmine Okechukwu
Comical Moment German Shepherd Shows Displeasure With The Dancing Cactus

Pets in general love toys, they sometimes don’t mind taking their favorite toys anywhere and everywhere they go and even having a nap with them. But there is a huge line between the toys they love and the ones they absolutely hate.

As pet owners, we can guess correctly the toys that can get on our pets’ nerves. Dogs are mostly very expressive about their displeasure with toys, on several occasions they will just simply avoid such toys or give you a dead stare when you try to offer the said toy to them.

The dancing cactus is one of those toys that dogs can’t seem to stand. In that regard, a dog mum has taken to TikTok to share a hilarious video of her German shepherd’s reaction to the dancing cactus mimicking every sound he makes. Watch this.

Even as humans, I think we can all attest to the fact that the dancing cactus can be very annoying as it repeats every sound. As much as this is extremely funny, Strider’s displeasure with the noise-making catus is actually justifiable.

At first, Strider seemed thrown off by the toy when it repeated his bark, as he looked at his mum with the “what is this” expression on his face. He barked again and the cactus did what it knew how to do best; repeat after him.

Now Strider is triggered, growls in an undertone as if to say “Stop mimicking me” but of course the cactus won’t “listen”. He tries to take out the talkative fake plant but that doesn’t seem to work out well. So he transfers the aggression to his mom.

These funny interactions are rib-cracking, they depict that even dogs do not like to be mimicked. We are pretty sure Strider successfully destroyed the dancing cactus off camera but well we can all say it is good riddance.

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