Woman Goes To The Bird Shelter And Falls In Love With This “Crazy” Parrot Instantly

Jasmine Okechukwu
Woman falls in love with a crazy parrot

Parrots are amazing companions known for their intelligence, vibrancy, and unique abilities. They have the amazing ability to mimic human speech and sounds, creating a dynamic and interactive environment in the home.

Typically, parrots are very social birds and their nature makes them affectionate and pretty much eager to bond with their human caretakers.

With all of these mind-blowing traits, it is such a wonder how a lot of times they have been abandoned by people who once promised to love and care for them forever.

Vandal, a unique, sweet, and loving parrot once found himself in a heartbreaking situation of abandonment and it made him put up a wall and act crazy causing many potential adopters to reject him until the universe smiled on him and brought him the best human he could ever wish for.

Vandal’s Backstory

Vandal is a 7-year-old Blue and Yellow macaw that once had a home and an owner until things changed. With the turn of events, he was taken to the shelter. At the shelter, Vandal noticed that he wasn’t in the environment that he once cherished and was used to and so he was heartbroken.

He was originally a very talkative bird and you couldn’t help but wonder if that was why he was given up on. Going through the pain, hurt, disappointment, and sadness, Vandal became even twice as talkative as he was.

This behavior caused everyone including his foster parent to think he was crazy. No one actually wants a crazy bird and so Vandal is forced to remain in the bird shelter with no hope that someone would ever choose or love him again.

Nadia Meets Vandal

Nadia, an avid bird lover, had a hard time coping with the loss of her mum and so on a fateful day, she tells her husband she’s going to be bird shelter to be around the birds. With hopes that she is going to feel better around them, she embarks on the journey to the shelter.

On getting to the shelter, Nadia meets Vandal, she immediately thinks he is such a sweet soul even when the rescue owner tells her she doesn’t want him because he is crazy, she doesn’t think so.

As she walks up to his cage, Vandal’s first word to her is “hello” and that seems to seal the deal for her. Captivated by his sweet personality, she is convinced that Vandal has just one piece missing to complete her and is absolutely ready to take the huge step.

Vandal Is Taken To His Forever Home

Vandal’s charm was so irresistible that Nadia thought she needed him in her life and home. Vandal on the other hand knew she was the right human for him and so he was happier to be chosen by her as she was happy he chose her.

After several visits and subtle bonding, Nadia could finally take him home with her. At his new home, Vandal wins every heart with his alluring antics. He said the word “papa” to Nadia’s husband, who was skeptical about keeping him and that seemed to melt his heart into loving Vandal so much.

Vandal is an absolute charmer, he knows how to emotionally support his beloved pet mum and ward off people from disturbing her when she needs to rest.

He was quick to learn even though he sometimes said some bad words out of anger and frustration, Vandal is open to learning and corrections.

As much as there are a lot of rescue birds out there in need of a home, it is so gratifying to watch moments when these birds get a new chance with better owners and make positive impacts in their new homes.

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