This Golden Retriever Welcomes His New Bestfriend In The Most Heartwarming Way

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog welcomes a new puppy

How a new addition is welcomed into the house by an existing dog pet usually differs from dogs. However, dogs often show affection and curiosity when meeting a new puppy for the first time, forming bonds through play and companionship.

This is because dogs are very social animals and are naturally pack-oriented especially when properly socialized. They often enjoy the playful energy of puppies and can immediately feel deep love and affection for these little pups.

This is the case for this adorable retriever who was so eager to meet the new puppy his owner was bringing home. Take a look.

Excitement wasn’t exactly the only thing this dog was feeling as he saw his new friend in the arms of his owner through the glass door. Just as a way of being cautious, his owner bends down so that he can have a good glance at the little one before they step into the house.

Oh right, he definitely can see and smell the puppy clearly and he absolutely loves him at first sight. Seeing how receptive he was towards the puppy, his owner opened the door and walked in still holding the cute little puppy in his arms.

Now he just couldn’t contain his happiness, it was as though he was about to go crazy, his new best friend had finally arrived! Some of his days wouldn’t have to be lonely anymore his playmate is here now.

To show how much he loves the puppy he brings him a toy. We are certain that he can’t wait to show the newbie around and share all his most treasured toys with him. This golden retriever is no doubt the most adorable dog ever and his new playmate is very lucky to have him.

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