This Dog’s First Bark Is The Most Adorable Sound You Will Hear Today

Dog's first bark

Cats meow, and dogs bark.

We trust that, if you have never really heard your dog bark at all, the sound of him or her finally barking will be the highlight of your day.

Naturally, barks are the most common sound dogs make. They bark either to scare off threats, sound a warning, or get attention, whatever the motive for dogs barking, it’s just a typical dog thing.

As much as we love all dogs and accept all their flaws, we still want to hear them bark every now and then because it not only warms the entire household, it is like a dog’s means of communication. But what happens if a dog doesn’t know how to bark like every other dog?

You get eager to teach them and hear them make that woof sound right? We are pretty sure that’s how this dog owner felt as he didn’t give up on training his dog how to bark. Take a look.

In the video clip, the owner kept encouraging the dog to bark and repeatedly said “Bark”. The first attempt made by the gorgeous dog was like a snap of his teeth and after several trials and his owner’s insistent encouragement he finally got the bark and it sounded like music in our ears.

Every dog owner with similar experiences can relate to the instant joy that this dog’s owner must have felt hearing her dog bark for the very first time. This amazing dog did seem to be excited as well and why won’t he finally get a hang of it?

We could read amazing comments like:

“10/10 very good for his first time”
“10. That bark was a great one”
“This first word or a bark is so cute”
“It’s a 100000000000 so cute”
This just proves that watching this memorable moment is very wholesome.

But we not just talking about this video because it is adorable, but also because it is one that could give hope and encourage dog parents with a pet child that has barking disorder. Don’t give up, we are silently rooting for you and your doggo!

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