This Dog’s Awesome Reaction To His Grandma Coming Over Is Lovely To Watch

This Dog's Awesome Reaction To His Grandma Coming Over

You know that love truly lives in the hearts of dogs when they can’t contain their joy when they see or smell their favorite human. And this has to be one of the best things every dog parents enjoy; an elated welcome from their four-legged fur babies.

The love these pups have for us is the unconditional kind and they do not not hesitate to show us just how much they cherish us. Not only do they love us, but they are forever loyal to their humans and would do anything to protect us from any kind of harm. And we will also never stop loving these adorable companions.

We have fed our eyes with dogs greeting their owners with so much enthusiasm but this golden retriever’s chaotic joy when he heard his grandma was coming home has to be the best so far.

This TikTok video shared by Bennythegoldennnn shows how happy dogs can be when they see their beloved humans after a while of not being away from them. Just like most of us, they are very expressive about their emotions.

Benny at first couldn’t believe his ears when he was told Grandma was coming, with a face of disbelief he ran straight to the window and then to the door to to make certain that he wasn’t being pranked. And when he could see for him that Grandma was indeed around, he became overjoyed.

Wagging his tail furiously and jumping from couch to couch and then the floor, it seemed like he couldn’t wait for his favorite human to walk through the door. Even better, Benny got his Grandma a welcome home “gift” (one of his toys).

And when she finally got into the house Benny was everywhere, he probably was finding it hard to contain his excitment. He finally settled down and let his grandma pet and love him. Who wouldn’t love to get this sweet welcome after an exhaustive day away from home? Dogs are just so adorable!

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