This Dog Wouldn’t Be Living A “Bachelor’s Life” Anymore As A New Roommate Moves In Uninvited

Jasmine Okechukwu
This Dog Wouldn't Be Living A Bachelor's Life Anymore

At some point, the single life has to come to an end, and this is the case for this golden retriever. Some dog videos are worth every second of our time, as pet owners we sometimes wonder what the need for TV is when all these pets ever do is love and entertain us.

Golden retrievers are one of the dog breeds that mostly graces our screen with wonderful dog content, we mean these dogs should be given their flowers for enriching our days with amazing “actual” reality shows.

So if you have watched movies where the actor has no choice but to allow a girl he once had an affair with to move in with him, you would be just as intrigued as ever to find out that this also happens in the dog world. Want to watch the video clip? Here you go.

Oof, it is sort of game over for the poor doggo here, as he wouldn’t be enjoying the comfort of his home alone anymore.

It even seems more like his new roommate is set to take over his home completely as she’s seen taking out his pictures and replacing them with hers. But hey, there’s no going back from this now, it looks like Ellie is there to stay forever.

However, Teddy didn’t seem to mind the “invasion” in fact he calmly watched as Ellie redecorated his house, trashed his magazine, snatched the TV remote from him, and made herself feel at home.

The comment section was bustling with sweet comments like;

“They need to get married”

“You can never have too many decorative pillows.”

“Teddy was raised very well. Perfect couple.”

“Teddy is a gentle dog he’s letting her make his house comfortable for hot .how sweet”

And we totally agree with them, Ellie and Teddy are obviously meant to be together, and probably is tired of waiting for Teddy to ask her to move in with him so she taking matters into her own paws. Good grief!

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