This Golden Retriever Finding Dinner For His Mum Is All You Need To See Today

Golden Retriever Finding Clams For Owner

He is a provider.

Dogs are awesome pets and the greatest friends of all time. Their loyalty to their “hoomans” knows no bounds and their love is unconditional.

Let’s just say the bonds we share with our canine friends are forever. Generally, dogs bring a lot to the table, in them you find a companion, a best friend, a protector, and so much more.

We have seen so many dogs protect their owners and owners’ property from harm, and watched them bring happiness into our lives but have you seen a dog that also brings dinner to the table like a provider? Rare right? Watch this.

Drake is a lovely pup that loves to take a swim in the water. The water seems like his happy place, he loves the way it makes him cool and relaxed. But swimming isn’t the only thing Drake loves to do in the water. He also loves to walk in the water and watch boats drive by but most importantly Drake loves fetching clams for his mom.

This adorable dog digs deep into the bottom of the water to get clams. Once he finds them, he takes them straight to his mom for keeps. After gathering enough clams, the dog owner cooks up a delicious clam dinner.

As much as we were stunned by this dog’s resourcefulness, commenters were also impressed.
“He puts food on the table,” one said.
“How does he hold his breath?” Wondered another.
“He doesn’t pay the bills but he puts food on the table,” says another comment.

Drake is an amazing golden retriever, that has our heart. How he goes underwater to find dinner for his mom should be studied because he does it effortlessly.

We are very aware of how much golden retrievers love to go for a swim but Drake’s exceptional clam-hunting skill in the water is top-tier. We love watching Drake’s water adventures and we hope to see more from him.

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