This Border Collie Has Mesmerizing Super Dog Abilities

Jasmine Okechukwu

Border collies are very popular for being natural herders and protecting farm animals. They are fast, energetic, smart, alert, and athletic and all of this combined together makes them exceptional. But have you met one with such astounding skill that is super dog-like?

A Border Collie dog dad and Petfluencer have dedicated his IG page to showing us some of the glamorous skills that his Border Collie has. In most videos shared, you can see the dog jumping from one human back to the other, maneuvering various obstacles, and leaving spectators’ mouths open. Take a look!

The pace at which this dog climbs fences and the confidence he portrays while doing it is magnificent, making us wonder how much training time was invested.

However, one of the videos on the page, shows that both dog and dog owner have built a high level of trust in each other to make the stunts successful which has got the owner of Parkour Ninja beaming with pride as he writes about the struggles and challenges they have had to face together, and how communication and trust has helped them scale through every difficulty.

Everyone in the comment section keeps making comments about how amazing it was to come across these videos from the creator and how they’ve got respect for the dog and the owner.

“They’re literally Kiba and Akamaru from Naruto,” one commenter says to explain what amazing chemistry the dog and humans share.

But this dog’s stunning athleticism shouldn’t be much of a shocker as the Border Collie breeds are well known to be one of the most intelligent and obedient dog breeds in the world!

Surely, the distinctive attributes of the breed have a minor contribution to how well Parkour thrives in doing these stunts. And we definitely look forward to seeing more of these dog contents.

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