These Shih Tzus Running Around In Chucky Halloween Costumes Is A Comic Relief

Jasmine Okechukwu
Shih Tzu In Chucky Halloween Costumes

Do you wanna play?

There are dogs who love to jump scare you and there are the ones that do it better. These Shih tzus actually fall into the category of dogs that do it better.

Shih Tzus are not called “little lions” for nothing, they may be a small breed but in this context, it’s best to think of them as small but mighty.

One thing for sure is that Shih Tzus are beautiful, fluffy dogs and will look exceptional in any outfit picked out for them, even the scary Chucky costume.

You may now be wondering what is there to be scared of, Shih Tzus is definitely too gorgeous to be afraid of. Now hold your pillows close as you watch this.

Now are you terrified or do you still think they are cute? I bet you are still of the opinion that these little lions are cute and you are not wrong! They are indeed still super adorable and hilarious too.

They seemed determined running around in the costume, scissors in handy, ready to cut us to bits with their gorgeousness. Halloween costumes haven’t looked this good on anyone, we can’t get enough and so we give them the win.

No doubt the Shih Tzu dog breeds are very affectionate, loyal, loving, blissful dogs that are very dependent and emotionally attached to their owners. Regarded as an indoor dog but suitable for petting and following their owners around but great companions as well.

They are a dog breed that loves to play dress up and we are pretty sure that they enjoyed every bit of this moment, trying to look scary and terrifying. But on the contrary, they get everyone in the comment section laughing pretty hard.

But we love them and appreciate the efforts they make in trying to give a jump scare. Rather than scaring us away they only succeeded in making us want to give them lots and lots of belly rubs.

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