Terrified Stray Dog’s Life Would Never Be The Same Again After Love Found Her

Jasmine Okechukwu
Terrified stray dog

It is often heartbreaking the kind of life these stray dogs have to live. Forgotten and abandoned some of them have given up hope of finding love and a permanent home.

They face the harsh realities of life on the streets, steadily fending for themselves whilst trying to protect themselves from dangers. In a lot of cases, these homeless animals still keep their hope for a better life alive while a few others would need a lot of assurance before they can actually trust humans.

However, these four-legged buddies all have the capacity to give lots of love if they do get a chance to despite their hardships.

A recent video shared on YouTube, reveals the moment a stray dog was rescued from the street. It was really a lot of struggle trying to get as she was scared and uncertain about what was to happen to her as she was being taken away.

Just like every other dog who is no stranger to hardship, she looked apprehensive and scared about her rescue. She struggled with all her strength in other not to be taken away in the crate.

Throughout the struggle, we can hear the soft voice of a woman trying to assure her that everything is going to be okay.

After the struggle, the stray dog was put into the cage, and she looked tired and scared. Little did she know that her story was about to change for the better. The video followed Melly being taken to the vet for a medical check-up, still nervous but a whole lot calmer than she was at first.

Still a bit skeptical about human interactions, it took Melly three days to allow her new mom to pet and feed her with her hands. Melly kept on going to the vet for her check-up and started getting along so well with other dogs.

It really doesn’t take so much to put a lasting smile on this canine’s face, as all they truly desire is love and care whilst they return it in plenty of folds.

Melly must have been terrified of being caught because of how cruel other humans have been to her but it is super satisfying to see that there are people who genuinely care about these pups.

Melly is currently thriving in her new home, as she goes many places with her new mom and her other playmates.

She goes to the beach for the first time and visits the park regularly. There is no doubt that Melly is having a swell time in her forever home. And we are absolutely intrigued by her grass-to-grace story.

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