Senior Dog Abandoned By His Owner In A Landfill Gets Help At The Right Time

Jasmine Okechukwu

Dogs of all ages still need to be loved and cared for no matter what. But it is sad to learn that when it comes to older dogs under the care of horrible owners, there exists a high possibility of getting abandoned in distressing conditions.

These loyal companions, who have stayed and served their years by their owners’ side, find themselves in need of love and attention during their golden moments but many times they are constantly failed by those they trust the most.

In a heartbreaking incident shared by Helping Paws Rescue on YouTube, a senior dog found himself discarded in a landfill, he was obviously a victim of heartless abandonment by his owner. Take a look.

As the video shows the rescue team was already alerted of the plight of the poor dog by a boy and was already at the scene. However, while they are trying to take the dog away, the dog’s cruel owner tries to stop them, saying the dying dog deserves to be left alone.

Not allowing her to stop them from lending a helping hand to the dog, they took him away and straight to the vet for immediate medical attention.

He got all the injections and treatments Johan needed to keep fighting. And it is worth noting that this poor dog has amazing strength despite his age, he tried to get better.

After all the necessary medical treatment he started responding positively even after going to the animal shelter. Johan is a great dog and he certainly doesn’t deserve to be abandoned in such a horrible manner.

He will continue to get better and enjoy the rest of his golden days in the shelter where he is loved and well taken care of. We are all rooting for him and hope that he fully recovers from his ordeal physically and emotionally.

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