Physically Challenged Stray Dog Begs For Help Until He Gets One

Jasmine Okechukwu
Stray dog begs for help until he finds one

Sick and homeless dogs are the most vulnerable creatures on the streets, they are often left to endure the harsh realities of life, as well as battle not only hunger and loneliness but also the pain and discomforts that come with an untreated health issue.

Every day for these dogs becomes a never-ending struggle for survival, as they have no choice but to stay afloat whilst trying to get a hang of the challenges that come their way.

Hopeful that help would come their way soon enough no matter the odds, these dogs stay determined to persevere the hardships. In a recent video shared on YouTube, we see a clear example of perseverance in this struggling dog. Take a look.

The video shows a dog with a crooked head, he is obviously in pain as he keeps screaming as he tries to get up to beg for help from passersby. It took a long time before someone was kind enough to stop by and render him some help.

The compassionate person then reached out to animal rescue to come attend to him as she was already running late for work. All alone again, the helpless dog could help but think his life was about to end unaware that help was going to arrive in 5 hours.

After seeing him in such a state, his rescuers rushed him to the vet where he was to receive constant medical care and attention as he looked weak and exhausted from malnutrition and pain.

After a series of tests and medical evaluations, it was diagnosed that this dog was suffering from epilepsy and a broken pelvis. There is no known reason why his pelvis is broken but it is speculated that he was either hit by a car or beaten severely.

After treatments, the poor dog starts eating food little by little and it gets better from there. On day 20, he started training to walk again even if it seemed like an impossible goal. But alas, he could do it after much effort and energy on his part and that of his trainer, he could actually walk again.

He is finally a happy and thriving dog despite every single thing he has been through. He was named Zeyna as his success story is truly a miracle. We are no doubt happy for this adorable dog and how his story changed. Also, we are grateful that well-meaning people like his rescuers are around to help these poor dogs.

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