Moment This Dog Won’t Let His Mum And Brother Play In His Pool Is Fun To Watch

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog doesn't want to share his pool

Even though these pooches love us with all of their hearts, there are times when they do not want us all up in their space or using something that is theirs. As much as it could seem like a petty thing for them to do to us, well it is just what it is, no hard feelings.

We are sure this is the exact case with this doggo who didn’t want his mum and also his brother playing in his pool. As a pet parent, this can be hurtful and rude because why won’t they want to share stuff with you?!

Well, Chase here doesn’t seem to care about his rude behavior as he keeps dragging the pool far off from his human, where she can’t reach or dip her feet in the pool. Okay, that is obviously very mean of him but you may wonder; is this a normal dog behavior?

Yes, it is very typical for a dog to not want to share any of their most valuable items with anyone, including their humans. It is usually very common for dogs to show this sort of behavior with food, toys, and every other item that provides stimulation.

That said, this possessive behavior can sometimes be harmless but should be put under control if it is beginning to get out of hand and becomes problematic.

Well, Chase is obviously being naughty and having a chunk load of fun while at it which makes it super hilarious.

The way he jumps in and out of the water and then drags the pool farther away from anyone who might want to share his ‘precious’ little pool with him is rib-cracking! The pool now belongs to him and he would like to get that fact straight.

We are sure that aside from not sharing his pool, Chase is a good boy and maybe someday he will allow others to join in the fun but until then let’s all stay away from his pool!

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