Watch The Moment Cat Takes Up The “Aunty” Duties For A Fussy Puppy

Jasmine Okechukwu
dog and siamese cat

Pets are sweethearts, they are so intentional with their love for us and they extend this display of affection within themselves as well.

Growing up we all watched cartoons and animations where dogs don’t like cats and cats are scared of dogs but in reality, these two animals can be best of friends maybe even a family.

These four-legged companions have proven to us over time that they can establish and build a close relationship, share a bed, food, and even their caregiver’s love as long as they are properly introduced to each other.

Although some friendships do not work out as much, it is certainly not the case for this momma dog and her cat-sister. In this sensational video, you will be awed by how this cat jumps in to take care of a tired-looking nursing dog’s puppy. Take a look.

We do not really know what must have been the issue with the puppy but he seems to be doing what every little one does, cry and whine about almost everything and momma dog looks exhausted.

With the cat in between both mother and puppy, it seemed like she was there to save the day by lending a helping hand to the overwhelmed dog who looked like she could really use the help as she seemed sleep-deprived.

It really does appear like the little puppy is not going to stop whining and when she tries to move closer to him, the cat steps in immediately to hold the puppy as if to give the doggo a break from her mummy duties.

Seeing this the dog backed down and retreated, it must have been a relief for her to finally get help. The cat then proceeds to groom the pup whilst still hugging him as if to say “Don’t worry, I have got this”.

We all need someone like this cat, that can step in and come to our rescue when everything is overwhelming and tough. This loving cat is that “aunty” to the puppy, and a great friend to the dog, and we are pretty sure they are very lucky to have her by their side.

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