Man Saves Kitten From Drowning And Gives Him A Forever Home

man saves kitten

Just as every other human, animals deserve to be saved from life-threatening situations and it is absolutely heartwarming when people lend a helping hand to cats in distress. We usually find it very compassionate of people to go all the way to rescue them.

In a TikTok video shared by Animal Rescue, an unidentified man is seen risking his safety from the flood to go save a helpless kitten from drowning. Take a look.

It has rained pretty heavily, and a precious little kitten has been caught up in the flood and was spotted by the lady recording the video. Thankfully, the man was empathetic and compassionate enough to put his safety in harm’s way to go rescue the animal.

He swiftly walks through the water, so he can be in time to save the kitten from drowning as we can hear his wife saying she doesn’t think he can get to the helpless kitten in time. We have good reasons to believe the kitten is a fighter as he keeps trying to get his tiny little head afloat.

The first impression was that the helpless animal was a duck but as the man got closer he could see clearly that it was indeed a kitten an adorable one at that! Quickly he snatched him out of the water and raced by to house to provide the kittgen every possible care it needed.

However, while they were trying to get the kitten into the house, we could hear him “meowing” loudly as if to say “Thank you for saving me” (just an assumption though). Still, we are certain that the kitten must have been scared when he was caught up in such a distressing situation and now grateful that he was rescued.

Right after being saved from the floods, the kitten found his forever home and was named Stormy which sounds pretty much like a befitting name for him.

Stormy is loved and is living happily ever after. We just love rescue stories with happy endings!

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