Love Struck Dogs Deliver Flowers to Woman In The Most Adorable Way

Jasmine Okechukwu
love struck dogs pet story

Every dog has a spectacular way of showing affection to their “hoomans” from excessively wagging their tails to cuddling at night and licking their owners, you can just easily measure how much love your four-legged companions have for you.

However, all the public display of affection, taking flowers to their owners is absolutely over the roof and got top tier. Who would believe dogs can be romantic too? Watch the “aww” moment when these romantic dogs give flowers to their owner:

Meet Gamja and Chip the stars in this adorable clip, these golden retrievers seem not to care much about the thorns that may be on the flowers as they take it up to their human who is delighted by the gesture.

In the video, you can see Chip and Gamja taking flowers to their owner on two separate occasions, and believe me when I say every second of this video was heartwarming and melting!

A commenter wrote, “If you are not married yet, they have to do this at your wedding lol”

“Getting a flower is maybe better than getting it from your significant other” added another person.

“Awww he is so cute” gushed another commenter.

Whatever the motive behind handing over some flowers to their favorite human is, it is pretty certain that they are in for lots of treats! But hold on, aren’t golden retrievers fluffy, cute, goofy, and have exceptionally loveable personalities? This explains a lot about why these dogs are so cute.

They are very affectionate and emotionally supportive too! Golden retrievers are very empathetic and comforting companions, so here’s the catch, your doggo can deliver flowers to you (with the right motivation by the way) and melt your heart just as Gamja and Chip did.

We absolutely love to watch videos like this and can’t wait to see more like this.

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