Hilarious Moment Husky Unleashes Chaos As Soon As Owner Walks In

Jasmine Okechukwu
Hillarious moment Husky unleashes chaos on owner

Huskies are cute and cuddly until they get triggered to blow off the “Husky Siren”. They ought to be the loudest and one of the funniest dog breeds, and as usual, they also have unique personalities as some are louder, vocal, and feisty than others.

A dog mom of three siberian huskies, Tikanni, Kita and Tehya (@TikanniKitaTehya) shared a very hilarious video on YouTube of one of her Huskies throwing a tantrum after seeing his mom. Take a look!

In the video, Tikanni seemed excited by the presence of his mom, but this changed in seconds as he immediately got pissed and began talking to a reluctant Kita. The hypothetical dialogue between these dogs is exceptionally hilarious as it actually gives the impression that it is a real-time conversation.

Tikanni, the ringleader of the chaos that is about to be unleashed, kept urging the others to join in, Tehya ran over ready to chime in on whatever “welcome song” was being sung without caring to know what the commotion was all about.

Kita eventually blew her sirens too because, well, that’s what Huskies do; have each other’s back, especially when it comes to singing a harmonious chorus the husky way of course.

But the truth is no matter how noisy and touchy huskies can be; there is no way anyone wouldn’t just adore them. And trust me, you in for an ear full of vocalization and complaints when your husky is upset or doesn’t feel like doing what he is being told to do.

We are pretty sure Tikanni has had it up to here with his mom, so he got triggered by just hearing her voice. But then, what do we know? Huskies are just naturally hilarious dog breeds, and sometimes they just do what they do for reasons known to them.

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