Dog With Multiple Stab Wounds Find A New Lease On Life But His Journey Takes An Unexpected Twist

Jasmine Okechukwu

Life can be very unjust even for these animals. And time after time, a lot of us have seen and heard stories of abandoned and brutalized dogs, whose life has suddenly taken a sad turn.

It hurts already to be abandoned by the one person you trust the most, but getting brutally maltreated would even hurt more.

These dogs, bearing the physical and emotional scars of inhumanity, must have endured the harshest of ordeals. In pain and almost losing their lives, they cling to life waiting for help to come their way.

Sadly there are occasions where help never comes but then miracles are not impossible and so some of them are rescued and given treatment immediately. The stories of these rescue dogs are a mixture of pain and resilience, they reveal the extraordinary power of love, kindness, and care in place of brutality and abandonment.

With respect to the unfortunate ordeal that these dogs have to go through, we will tell the story of a dog stabbed multiple times and abandoned.

A Severely Wounded Dog

Sometimes the cruelty most of these rescue dogs suffer in the hands of their owners is so shocking, that it makes you wonder how someone could do such a terrible thing to these harmless creatures.

But as usual, there ain’t always answers as to how and why these unspeakable things are done to these animals. And rather than finding answers the best course of action is helping them swiftly.

Thankfully, this is what was done to this poor dog found soaked in his own blood, weak, and almost dying. Even in his state, he was still trying to move and get away from the people who had come to help him, simply because he had no trust or faith left in him.

Not giving up on this sweet dog, his rescuers took him to the vet for immediate medical attention and treatment. After receiving treatment, this dog proceeds to hide in corners so he can be invincible to the human eyes.

He was no doubt a good and resilient boy even after everything he had been through.

Meet Little Lucky

Gradually recovering from his wounds and the betrayal from his previous owner, this poor dog would still hide away from people and tremble when people watched him.

Due to the circumstances in which he was found, his rescuers name him Little Lucky and we can all agree that this name is well-suited for him. With a little bit of time and patience, Little Lucky begins to adapt to his new life.

He goes on various walks and he really is becoming stronger and better, almost like nothing happened to him in the past. We guess it is time to go to his forever home now.

Little Lucky Is Diagnosed With Canine Distemper

It was almost time to get discharged from the hospital and start a fresh new life in a place where he wouldn’t have to go through the hell his previous owner put him through. Little lucky and his helpers were excited about him finally leaving the vet to his new home.

As usual, the doctors ran some tests just to be sure that he was in perfect shape only to find out that there was something else wrong with him. Sadly, it is Canine Distemper and he won’t be leaving the hospital as expected.

A treatment plan is prepared for Little Lucky and it is going to cost his rescuers a lot but they aren’t ever going to let him down or give up on him notwithstanding. He goes through the treatment, and although it is quite tough for him, he is determined to stay strong for himself and the wonderful people around him.

It Is Not The End

Little Lucky may not be out of the woods yet but we are certain that no matter the odds against him, this calm and resilient dog will not back down or let the disease win.

His life may not be perfect yet but he has a home and people who would do anything for him just so he gets better.

He is constantly being fed highly nutritious foods and his health is frequently being monitored by his adopted parents. No hope is lost for our Little Lucky star and we are all rooting for him and hope that he makes it through. A precious and happy life awaits him!

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