Dog Thinks She’s A Cow And Her Refusal To Come Home Is Hilarious

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog thinks she's a cow

Dogs have always had this seamless ability to capture our hearts with their charm and amusing antics. They are smart and equally loyal but what makes them exceptional is their quirky behavior every now and then.

One particular thing that most dog lover knows is that the combination of humor and charm in dogs knows no bound. Day after day they give us a reason to laugh or smile, making it super easy to never stop loving them.

These intelligent animals have graced our screens with endearing, adorable, and most importantly, funny content. From giving us a fashion show in Halloween costumes to stealing toys we really can’t get enough of them.

This brings us to the TikTok video shared by this dog who refuses to go inside the house because he thinks he is one of the cows.


Anyone else have this problem 🤔🐄

♬ original sound – Shaneese McLoughlin

Lola obviously loves chilling with the cows and well you really can’t blame her as she somehow looks like one of them. As Lola’s human captures the moment, she keeps on calling out to her to come home and trying to convince her that she isn’t a cow.

But it’s obvious, Lola thinks otherwise! As she just stares back at her owner as if to say “What are you even saying? I am a cow”. TikTok users couldn’t help but express their amusement in the comment section.

One commenter wrote “This isn’t a phase mum! This is forever!”

“This is brilliant, she’s like “Well I think differently clearly we matching” another chimed in.

“This wins the Internet for today” added another.

Alright, Lola might not have the ability to moo but she is most certainly one of the cows now. She loves her farmyard companions and we all have to respect her decision to want to stay in the herd. We are quite sure she’d come home sometime but certainly not now.

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