Dog Owner Pays Her Dog Back In Her Own Coin And This Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog owner gets back at her dog

Okay let’s face the fact, dogs can sometimes be annoying, waking up their owners for close to no good reason.

Anyway in their defense, they do it for several reasons such as excitement, needing attention, or simply wanting companionship. It is generally known that dogs are social animals and seek constant interaction with their owners.

However, if it becomes a frequent behavior, dog owners are advised to ensure that they have sufficient exercise and mental stimulation during the day may help reduce such wake-up calls.

Well, this dog owner has a different approach to how she handles matters with her dog and it will interest you to find out how she hilariously got back at her poach. Take a look.

At the beginning of the video, Mateo lays in the bed. He was having a restful sleep and he looked peaceful well not for long because his owner wasn’t going to have the pleasure of enjoying his sleep.

She yells his name, and immediately alert, Mateo springs up looking for the cause of the problem only to find his owner laughing.

Catching on to what was going on, Mateo looked at his owner with his side eye and smiled. he knows that he deserves it. Before the video, no one knew how many times he must been disturbing his owner while she slept.

Not that Mateo does it intentionally, he just loves his owner so much that he can’t help but seek her attention every hour.

He is just an affectionate and smart dog and you can just tell by the way he smiled and quickly understood that his owner was trying to get back at him. Poor Mateo

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