Dog Is Rescued After His Owner Goes Missing For A Week

Jasmine Okechukwu

The bond between dogs and their owners is a lifelong connection, filled with loyalty and unconditional love.

However, when their loving human suddenly disappears, either due to the owner going missing or passing away, the impact on the canine companion can be severe and in most cases, they never really get over it.

This is due to the fact that dogs are emotionally intelligent and can form deep attachments to their owners. A lot of times we have seen these canines experience and show sadness and devastation when left alone due to circumstances they have no control over.

In many cases, they are abandoned in the most cruel and inhumane way while in others they are forced to stay alone in an empty house as their owner is physically around to shower them with their usual love and care.

For these dogs, the world is suddenly devoid of the one they considered their support, the one person who would shield them and they would protect them at all costs in return has suddenly gone and may never return.

In this emotional story, we will tell the heartbreaking story of this dog whose owner went missing and had no choice but to stay all alone in his home until help was sent to him.

Home Alone Without His Human

It’s been a long time since this dog last saw his owner, if he could count days he would definitely be very accurate about the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds but he isn’t, all he knows is that it’s been a long long time.

At first, he tries to get his mind off his owner’s absence by playing with some of his toys but how long does it have to take before he comes back home to give him those familiar scratches and fill his bowl with food, those yummy foods that he loves so much?

Okay, it’s beginning to take too long now, and he is feeling hungry and scared. His owner goes out but it never takes this long, should he be worried? Has something bad happened to his best friend or has he been abandoned?

He doesn’t really have answers to these questions but he is going to wait like he has always done, surely his owner would come back for him. But his owner never the opened door as per usual and he was all alone and losing hope.

Help Is Sent To Rescue Him

After a week of going missing, the owner’s family reaches out to a rescue team to help the dog. Apparently, the owner is still nowhere to be found and it would be very unfair to leave the dog alone without food or water.

When the rescue team got there the poor dog was still in put patiently waiting for his owner to come back. But seeing unfamiliar faces rather than that of his owner, he gets scared and barks at them as if to warn them off.

Understanding how he felt, the rescuer kept on assuring him that he was safe. Hearing these soothing words, he calms down but is still determined to wait for his owner until he comes home which sadly is not going to happen.

After much persuasion, they could finally get him to follow them out of the house. It is quite unfortunate that his owner would be coming back for him and his owner’s family doesn’t think they are up to the task of taking care of him so he has to he has to be put up for adoption.

Needs to Be Rehomed

Still trying to heal from the hurt of not seeing his owner, this poor dog would have to be rehomed. But in the meantime, he needs to find a foster home.

By the time we got a foster home, this amazing dog was already getting over the hurt and looking forward to having a second chance. He still remembers his human who may not see again and feels sad about how his past life filled with love and happiness came to an abrupt end.

However, we are quite sure that the life ahead of him would be even better than what he used to know and it is obviously for the best. We hope that he continues to live a happy and blissful life when he finally finds a forever home.


This rescue is just heartbreaking, this poor dog spent an entire week waiting for his owner to return home. His owner is missing and the family made the decision to give us the dog while they focus in finding their loved one 💔 #missingperson #greatdane #dog #rescue #houstondogrescue

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