Dinner Is 30 Minutes Late And This Greyhound Is Throwing A Fit

Greyhound is Throwing A Fit

We all get antsy when it is mealtime and food isn’t served yet. Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day. It helps get the body ready for a good sleep and helps us concentrate better for the rest of the day.

Food is just as essential to us as they are to dogs and oh well, it is not much of a shocker when your four-legged buddy is feisty when dinner is just a few minutes later than expected.

Alright, not all dogs may seem to mind, but this particular Greyhound is not going to accept any delay in his food. In a recent video shared on TikTok by Chilithegreyhound, we will watch a hungry dog throw tantrums about a delayed meal. Let’s take a look.

Just like many, Chili honestly doesn’t like it when his meal comes late. In the video, his mum was in bed when he came diving into the bed as if to say “Get up woman it’s time for my dinner”.

After barking severally he jumped off the bed, we are sure he is trying to lead her to his empty dog bowl.

No doubt about the fact that greyhounds are great pets, not only are they clean and very coordinated dog breeds, but they are also very intelligent, affectionate, patient, laid back, and very reliable companions.

Not to worry they won’t always order you around for food or throw tantrums but you also have to be prompt about serving them food. Chili’s mum here defaulted for a whole 30 minutes, it is justified that he gave her a “gentle” reminder. Here’s what the comment section has to say;

“The first dive onto the bed was personal”

“Our greyhound will bang on if she doesn’t get a banana for breakfast. And throw a tantrum if dinner is not ready by 6 pm”

“In my experience as a greyhound owner, they are serious about prompt meals!”

So there you have it, greyhounds are not to be joked with when dinner is late and there is no escaping a tantrum when this happens. So get the food rolling in on time people!

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