Couple Welcomes A Bunny Into Their Home And Receives A Wonderful Surprise

Jasmine Okechukwu
Bunny welcomed into a home

Bunnies are no doubt one of the cutest and adorable pets to have. Their endearing features and charming behaviors are irresistible.

Not forgetting to mention their extraordinary fluffy fur, ever-twitching noses, and large, expressive eyes that cause a lot of pet lovers to fall in love with them instantly.

Due to these enchanting attributes, it wasn’t hard for Bun Bun to hop into the hearts and lives of her owners.

As she was an absolute beauty to behold and a very friendly bunny. She could tell that these humans would great owners and so she was not going to stop trying to convince them to take her home with them.

Nonetheless, this is the story of how Bun Bun casually hopped into the lives of her owners and magically made everything better with a very pleasant surprise.

Captivated By Bun Bun’s Charm

It is typical for lots of pet lovers to be naturally drawn to mesmerizing features that many bunnies exhibit. The combination of their appearance and behaviors makes bunnies undeniably cute and appealing to people of all ages.

Probably understanding this fact, Bun Bun was ready to put it to good use. Seeing the couple from afar by the lake, she makes an appearance in the most charming way. Rolling over in sand, and then demanding to be petted in the most adorable was her weapon.

Bun Bun would have tried this trick a couple of times on other people but she didn’t have so much luck with them. But here with this couple, everything seems to be looking pretty good and they were indeed falling in love with her instantly. It was obviously looking like an amazing day for her.

Was Bun Bun a Wild Bunny?

After petting Bun Bun and allowing her to win their hearts, the couple were convinced they wanted to take her home with them. But before officially adopting Bun Bun, they decided to check if she was a wild bunny or a domesticated one, curious about her origins.

Once assured that she was not a wild bunny, they took her with them to share their home. She was then taken to the vet where it was confirmed that she wasn’t microchipped. The days that followed were filled with bonding, spoiling, and endless affection and exploration on Bun Bun’s part.

After a while Bun Bun started gaining weight, shredding up papers and fabric, and nesting frequently, her owners assumed they were overfeeding her and concluded she needed to be on a diet. And boy were they wrong?

Three Little Bundles Of Joy

To their delightful surprise, Bun Bun wasn’t just gaining weight, she was expecting! Her owners were pleased and proud to see her 3 tiny babies. They began to grow stronger and as their separate personalities began to form it was time to give them their own unique names.

They were called Gregg “the momma’s boy” because he liked being around his mom and seeking her attention, and then Maple the shy and introverted one; and lastly Ozzie the smallest amongst the three siblings.

The unexpected expansion of their furry family brought immense happiness to the pet owners, who couldn’t be more grateful for the day they welcomed Bun Bun into their lives by the lake.

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