Cat Was Caught Red-Handed Stealing Food From His Owner’s Kitchen And His Reaction Is Iconic

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat Stealing

Cats are incredible creatures who are very smart and witty. They are one of the top domesticated animals not just because of how adorable they are but also because of their unique behaviors and personality traits.

Over time, many began to appreciate the companionship and comfort that cats provided. Not only were they great companions they were independent animals that came with relatively low maintenance when compared to other animals.

But hey, we are not going to leave out the fact that these felines can be extremely naughty and stealthy at times.

They are problem solvers (only for their benefit) because of their mastermind they do know how to navigate issues especially when it comes to fixing a belly problem.

Ever seen a cat who steals food from the kitchen cabinet like a smooth criminal? No? Alright, you are about to see one now.

First off let’s start with the fact that his owner was lucky to find him out, I mean this furry buddy was on point with the way he got in and out of the cabinet and made a lot of noise while at it (well if not for the bag of chips falling out of his mouth).

Stepping out of the cabinet one paw at a time, this operation would have been a successful one for him but well as the saying goes, “every day for the thief, one day for the owner” his owner was on time to catch him in the act.

Holding the bag of chips in his mouth, you can see the shock on his face when he realizes that his owner has been there the whole time. Well, this guy was in trouble but we are sure he’d find a way out of the mess he’s created.

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