Cat Family In Distress Gets Rescued And Given The Best Chance At Life

Jasmine Okechukwu

Stray cats always have it hard, they go through a lot of ordeal regularly while they strive for food and survival. Unlike pet cats with owners, stray cats are on their own. They usually look a bit skinny and malnourished, due to how life is tough for them.

Some people help stray cats by giving them food, but many stray cats face challenges like finding shelter and staying healthy. The struggles are mostly tougher for nursing cats than every other and are usually in need of more help.

And it is satisfying to watch a scene where they are rendered help by well-meaning people. In that regard, we will be covering the story of an almost lifeless stray cat and her kitten found by the roadside by a rescue team.

In Need of Urgent Help

Weak and almost dying by the roadside, while her hungry, and helpless kittens tried to suckle from her breasts, this momma cat is about to take her last breath if help doesn’t arrive soon.

The kittens attempted to suckle on their mother’s unresponsive form, but her weakened state spoke volumes about the ordeal they had endured.

Luckily for her and her kittens, a set of well-meaning people arrived at the scene and tried to revive her. When all efforts to get her to respond failed, the rescue team acted swiftly, gathering the feline family and transporting them to the shelter where the road to recovery began.

At The Shelter

The feline family were all taken to the vet for medical evaluation and treatment. All five kittens were examined and thankfully they were all fine and have serious medical issues or concerns.

Seeing how hungry the kittens must been, the shelter provided the kittens with some wet food to get them nourished. After eating, these cute little fur babies regained more strength to move around and explore their surroundings.

Fortunately, a nice senior cat was compassionate enough to groom them and give them some motherly love to fill the void that their mother’s absence may have caused. After having a swell time, they all find a warm spot to lie in and wait for their mother’s return.

All this time, their mother was still in the vet receiving the vital medical care needed to sustain her fragile life. She was first placed on oxygen to support her breathing and then all subsequent treatments followed.

Reunited As a Family

After so much effort by the doctor and the rescue team, the once lifeless mother cat made a remarkable recovery. She could now stand and walk by herself and so it was decided that it was time to reunite the family as her kittens were in need of their mother.

However, the joyous reunion which we all assumed was going to take place didn’t happen. It was in fact not as seamless as one might hope.

Placed in the same room, the mother cat, now alive and well, remained angry, distant, and cold to her little ones. The ordeal has made her forget things, and she no longer recognizes the scent of her own offspring.

The kitten dismayed by their mother’s harshness decides to give her some time off but you could see how hurt they felt.

Guessing that one of the reasons for her cold response to her babies was because she was hungry, the rescuers offered her some food and water which she devoured with so much relish.

Yet, time, patience, and the determination of the rescue team worked wonders as they tried to bring the family together again. This time around the mother cat has warmed up to the little ones, her once angry demeanor had given way to the tender and loving instincts of a mother.

Finally, the once-fragile family can now enjoy each other’s company in good health, warmth, and love. Despite everything they’ve been through they all found themselves in a happier and much blissful place with a second chance to live life to the fullest.

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