Bernese Mountain Dog Gets A New Puppy And How They Became Best Pals Will Move You To Tears

Jasmine Okechukwu
Bernese Mountain dog

Dogs are one the most adorable creatures to own. They come into our lives and make things better and joyous. which is why we try to make things better as well for them.

We’ll give them the best home, the best food, and the best of everything. And we can’t help but be super elated when we make them happy because that’s how they make us feel.

Burmese mountain dogs are super fluffy, intelligent, smart, and sweet dogs. Above all, they are friendly, strong, beautiful, and also very affectionate.

We can witness the affectionate parts of this amazing dog breed in a video, shared by Gofetch on TikTok. The video captures a beautiful moment when this loving dog gets to meet his new puppy friend. Take a look.

From the beginning of the video to the end was intensely touching. It was soothing to watch this. Bernese mountain dog shows so much excitement to meet his new friend.

He keeps sniffing the puppy, whilst wagging his tail joyfully as if to say “ I’ve been waiting for you all my life”. It was indeed, an instant love at first sight. As the video proceeds, the puppy starts loosening up and playing with the older dog.

And he keeps getting bigger and bigger up to the part where he is no longer a puppy. The bond seems to get stronger over time and add some points. We can’t tell the difference between the older dog and the younger one.

Generally, the Bernese mountain dogs are very friendly dog breeds that get along well with other pets and people.

It is believed that they do not like to be alone due to their friendly nature. It is no surprise how these two adorable dogs bonded immediately. Like soul mates, they both seem so happy and perfect together. We absolutely love to see videos like this.

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