Abandoned Parakeet Chooses His New Owner And Lived Happily Ever After

Jasmine Okechukwu
Parakeet finds a anew owner

Many are unaware of the fact that Parakeets are indeed exceptional birds as they can form strong emotional attachments to their owners. As social birds, these unique birds often thrive on interaction, forming bonds that can be affectionate and long-lasting.

However, due to several reasons, some owners may abandon their Budgies. Some of the possible reasons for this can be changes in lifestyle, lack of time for proper care, financial setbacks, or sometimes a misunderstanding of the responsibilities involved in caring for the pet bird.

While many of these abandoned birds are not usually lucky enough, others are favored to find a new home where they fit in perfectly. This YouTube video follows the story of a sweet parakeet who found himself on the streets of New York alone and without his owner.

At the beginning of the video, a vibrant parakeet is seen hopping its way to Brooke who happened to think he was a cute little blue ball at first.

After a short while this beautiful bird flustered his wings and landed on her shoulders. It did seem like he was Instantly drawn to her, as even after he flew over to her, he never left her side until they got to her house.

Brooke, uncertain about what to do with her new feathered friend, took the parakeet home, worried she might lack the experience needed and that he was someone else’s.

However, it didn’t take long to make the decision to keep him as their bonds quickly grew stronger and stronger with each moment they stayed together. The parakeet proved to be a cheerful and social bird always hanging around her even whilst she worked.

His birdie sounds filled the house and you can’t miss the undeniable joy and contentment he feels as he repeatedly bops his head to show how happy he was. Convinced that the bird was a perfect fit in her life and her home, Brooke embraces the joy of having him as a cherished companion for a lifetime.

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