Woman Goes To The Animal Shelter For Adoption And Finds Her Soul Cat

Jasmine Okechukwu
Woman finds her soul cat

Just like every other adorable pet, shelter cats also deserve all the love in the world, and it is gratifying to see instances where they get a chance to be adored in a forever home.

Most of them have gone through so much whilst trying to survive in a world where they have to fend for themselves. It is the best reward for these rescue animals when they finally get a new chance to be loved again.

Owning a cat is therapeutic and there are lots of benefits that these new cat parents enjoy when they successfully adopt these shelter animals.

MK, who was a shelter cat before she found love in a forever home, has always been a source of happiness to her mom right from the day she got adopted. For the cat and human, it was definitely love at first sight as Britney narrated their adorable story.

MK’s Sad Backstory

MK is a senior cat who has gone through a lot of ordeals in life until she met Britney. Abandoned by her previous owner, MK was found on the street roaming aimlessly and was rescued because she was at risk of getting hit by a car on the highway.

At the time of her rescue, MK had fleas and worms in her body, she was obviously in so much pain and suffering. It must have been a huge relief for her to be rescued from the street and in such a bad state.

However, the road wasn’t exactly as rosy for her, and due to some reasons, she moved from shelter to shelter with no hope of getting adopted due to her age.

Devastated by the constant rejections from several humans who visit the shelter for adoption, MK coils up into her shell and doesn’t get along so much with other cats.

It was certain that she had lost all hope of meeting the one true person who would choose and love her despite the fact that she was a senior cat. Little did she know that she was about to meet a best friend and mom.

Instant Heartstruck Moment

On a fateful day, Britney goes to the shelter for a cat adoption, while she is there, she has an eye fill of cats available for adoption in the shelter but there is no spark until she gets to see MK.

Immediately the door to MK’s cage opened, she immediately walked up to Britney and reached out for a hug. As Britney picked her up, MK settled in for a long and deep hug, her claws held Britney as if she didn’t want her to ever let her go.

There is no doubt about the fact there is a deep connection and their relationship would be magical, so Britney went ahead to adopt MK and took her home where they would both find bliss in each other’s company.

Finally, MK Would Live A Sweet And Happy Life

MK gets to her new home and it must have been everything she expected as she comfortably settles into the home. You could easily just tell that Mk loves her house and that she’s the most adorable cat in the world.

“She has a motor when it comes to purring. She is a very loving and compassionate, and a very emotionally intelligent cat. When I’m upset or I’m elevated in any emotional way, Mk Is front and center” Britney says.

MK is a joy giver and she wouldn’t watch her loved ones feel sad without trying to cheer them up. Staying close throughout every emotional episode, MK would show her “hoomans” that she truly loved them from the bottom of her heart.

She is quiet, loving, and very considerate, but one thing MK hates is taking her medication. Most times, it takes Britney and her boyfriend to get MK to take her medication because she is amazingly a strong cat.

Now 12 years old MK, is very healthy and is currently thriving in her new home, in fact, she is on a weight loss journey, and at the time the video was published, she had lost 2 pounds. Despite all that she has been through, MK didn’t hesitate to give so much love to her humans and pet companion.

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