Wholesome Moment This Stray Puppy Finally Accepts Love From His New Mom

Jasmine Okechukwu
Stray puppy rescued

Loyalty, lasting friendships, unconditional love, protection, and emotional support are some of the many benefits dog owners enjoy from their furry friends. However, there are so many dogs on the streets that need to be loved and taken care of.

It has always been wholesome to see compassionate people rescue dogs and give them a home forever. Honestly, there is nothing that beats the feeling of saving a homeless dog as they also deserve the best care and love.

We can’t get over the clip shared on YouTube by wearehappydoggo, where Snappy was rescued from the street and taken to his forever home where he would finally open his heart to receiving love. Watch this.

Snappy must have had a difficult time fending for himself on the street as he looked malnourished and had a broken back leg. His sad experiences must have made him lose hope in humanity as he was seen at the beginning of the video barking profusely and almost attacking his rescuer.

But we are grateful to this lady for not giving up on taking him with her. After lots of hassle, Snappy was finally picked up and taken home where he was properly provided with treatment for his broken back leg.

Despite being given every reason to relax and trust his rescuer, snappy seemed pretty fussy and would hardly allow his new mom to pet him. Eventually, Snappy relaxed and accepted the love and care given to him. He wasn’t snappy anymore, he indeed is an adorable companion.

He finally found his forever home and we are happy for him. We are pretty sure that Snappy will bring so much joy into his mom’s life. We do love dog rescue videos with happy endings and we’d love to see more from Snappy thriving and happy as ever.

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