Watch The Moment This Jealous Dog Stopped His Baby Brother From Getting To Their Dad

Jasmine Okechukwu
Jealous dog

Dogs have so much love to give their humans and in return, they expect to be loved as well. One thing for sure is that the love, affection, and care they receive from their owner is never unnoticed.

These four-legged buddies can even tell when the love is shared and trust me; many times the idea is not welcomed.

We have seen several instances where a new fur companion is brought into the home and the existing dog is upset about it. In some other cases, they show zero to no enthusiasm when their humans leave the house and come back with a baby.

When scenes like this appear on our screen, it causes us to laugh as a good number of us can somehow relate to these dogs. In a video shared on TikTok, we witnessed a dog overtake his baby brother and stand in his way from reaching their dad.


copper doesnt let levi forget he was here first @Kyle Taylor #fyp #dogsandbabies #7months

♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

As he sees his baby brother crawling up to get into the arms of their dad, this witty and jealous dog gets in the middle right in time to stop his brother from moving further. As he stood he looked back at the baby as if to say “I was here first, I get to be pampered first”

Confused as to what was happening and why the dog was in his way, the baby halted and sat down accepting defeat (not like he was in a battle for anything). Obviously aware of what he just did, the dog didn’t seem to care as he continued to wag his tail furiously in response to his dad giving him some good rubs.

The comment section was even more fun to read as some viewers wrote;

“Gotta teach them young who’s the favorite in that house”

“I mean what does it look like replacing your firstborn with a newer, younger (human) model”

“He’s like piss off kid I was here first “

Dogs are very interesting and funny companions. Know this for sure they love their humans and are not ready to share them with anyone not even their kids.

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