This Sweet Dog Takes Hydration Seriously As He Wouldn’t Stop Giving His Owner Water To Drink

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog providing water for his owner

Dogs are incredibly loving animals. Their capacity for affection and loyalty knows no bounds. They form deep emotional bonds with their human companions and often express their love in various ways.

From wagging tails and excited jumps to gentle nudges and warm cuddles and in some cases providing multiple bottles of water to keep their owners hydrated, dogs show affection through both body language and actions.

In a video shared on TikTok, we are shown the adorable yet hilarious moment this Australian shepherd dog provides a little bit too much water for his owner even after he is assured that it’s enough. Take a look.

The video begins with the dog owner sitting on the couch, probably enjoying a nice evening when her dog casually walks in, with a bottle of water in his mouth, obviously eager to please his owner. The owner, grateful for the kind gesture, assures the thoughtful dog she didn’t need the water.

But this Australian Shepherd who takes hydration to a whole new level, wasn’t going to back down. Determined, he leaves the room to go fetch more water no matter what his owner says.

As the video progresses, takes multiple trips out of the room and returns with more water. It seemed that the dog owner newly just taught the dog how to fetch water for her, and the dog was eager to always get the job done.

The viewers couldn’t help but be amused but the dog’s innocent antics and his owner’s continuous gratitude as she kept on accepting the water. We couldn’t help but have a good laugh as some of the comments read;

“Now you need a second dog and teach that one to put the water back”

“Not the hydration police”

“You didn’t open any of them, he probably thinks he got the wrong one”

The amazing charm of this video is the dog’s desire to go above and beyond to please his owner. This quest did turn a normal errand into a delightful, laughter-filled routine for his owner and all of us lucky enough to witness the moment.

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