This Shiba Inu Howling In An Ambulance Halloween Costume Will Have You In Stitches

Jasmine Okechukwu
Shiba inu in halloween costume

Shiba Inus are well known for their interesting and charming personalities, they never cease to amaze us all with their unique antics. This dog breed is strong-willed and intelligent as well, the uniqueness of their characteristics is what sets them apart from other breeds.

One amazing thing about Shiba Inu’s is that they are so full of energy especially during playtime, although they are independent breeds they always have so much love in them to give their owners even if they sometimes act like they don’t care.

In a recent video shared on TikTok by Inara no Shiba, we had the pleasure of witnessing just how funny and amazing these dogs can be. Gracing our screen this time is a Shiba Inu named Inara, dressed as an ambulance and blowing his sirens. Take a look.

In the video, Inara is dressed as an ambulance and the costume really suits him as he goes ahead to howls exactly like an ambulance siren. The sight of Inara in this costume was enough to give us an outburst of laughter, however, Inara’s actions made the video even more hilarious.

Whoever thought of adorning her with this masterpiece costume deserves some flowers. The humor is definitely undeniable, and it was clear that this Shiba Inu is great at staying in character, and amusing us all as we watch.

The comment section however had us in multiple stitches as some of the comments read;

“I regret to inform you that your Shiba is in violation of the Geneva Convention, Volume II, Chapter 18, Section C, Rule 59. /s”

“Humans – Cute Dog Ambulance woof woof
Dog – You’re not listening, little billy fell down the well and needs help ASAP!”

“He’s hired, no need to complete the emergency siren application“

“Now that is a trained professional”

We absolutely can’t agree more with these comments as with each sound made, Inara’s costume and his siren-like howling created a perfect illusion of an actual ambulance.

Filling our eyes with this masterpiece, reminded us of how entertaining and seamlessly delightful Shiba Inus can be. Just like every adorable dog, they are never tired of bringing joy and laughter into our lives and homes.

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