This Rescue Dog Had Lost Hope In Love Until He Found It In His Foster Mom

Jasmine Okechukwu

It is heartwarming to witness rescue dogs finally getting a new chance at life, after passing through an emotional journey that could scar them. These dogs, mostly battered and broken, bear the seen and unseen scars of a life filled with hardship and suffering.

Either abandoned, neglected, or mistreated, they have been faced with cruelty that can not be communicated, leaving them trembling and in some cases paralyzed with fear and mistrust for people.

Rescue dogs with terrible experiences need a lot of time and patience before they can come around. And most times tireless efforts, dedication, and a warmth of affection towards them can make them fully accept love and support.

In the video shared by We Love Animals, we watched the emotional moment a scared and paralyzed dog with little to no faith in humans was rescued from a horrible situation. Take a look.

No one really knows the back story of every rescue dog but one certain thing is that they all have gone through a lot of struggles on the streets. Bruno’s story is no different from other rescue dogs as he seems to be very suspicious and scared of humans which suggests that he has been through a lot in the cruel hands of some ill-meaning people.

At the time he was rescued, Bruno was paralyzed and he had to be carried everywhere. Due to his weight, it was pretty difficult to move around but this didn’t stop or discourage his rescuers from loving or caring for him.

His foster mom would take time to stretch him out and feed him every day, this made it obvious to Bruno that he was getting love and so he began to respond gradually. He could now stand up on his own but he was still a bit skeptical about trusting his foster mom.

But as time progressed, his foster mom, Angela would try to show him that she was to be trusted. Every day they would go on short walks until Bruno started making huge improvements in human interactions and accepting the love and affection he receives from his foster mom.

Although it took a while this rescue dog could finally open his heart to love again, he could finally be happy. Bruno finally submitted to love and eventually found a forever home where he would be cherished adored for the rest of his life.

Stories like this are evidence that dogs hearts can be broken but then a little bit of patience, love, and affection can help mend their broken hearts.

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