This Dog’s Different Personality For Each Of Her Parents Will Have You Wheezing

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog with different personalities for her parents

Dogs are no doubt one of the most hilarious pets you will ever find. It is all fun and games with them as they always come into our lives with lots of comical adventures as a full package.

Even if you are having a bad day, these furry angels have a way of cracking us up and forgetting our troubles. We like to call them “unpaid comedians” so if you do need a pet that would love and cherish you forever, with lots of comic relief on the side, getting a dog is your best bet.

As we all know these four-legged buddies come in their own unique personalities irrespective of their breed but have you seen one that is as gentle as a dove with her mum and a tyrant with her dad? No? Okay, stay tuned we have something interesting to show you.


I think we all know who the favourite might be.. 🤔😂 #dog #funny #love #puppy #viralvideo

♬ original sound – Daily doggo Co.

Watching this viral video shared by Daily Doggo Co on TikTok will definitely crack you up. This hilarious golden retriever is playing the good dog, and a bad dog with her parents and it is pretty obvious who is favorite “hooman” is.

While she is aggressively playing with her dad, she seems so gentle and loving with her mum. In the video, she is seen waging at her daddy’s hand and anytime her mum calls her attention and brings her hand close, the sweet side of this dog emerges as she lovingly licks her hand.

And then she is back to biting her daddy’s hand right after. The comment section of this post will also have you in stitches as some read;

“I love you Mom and I am going to need cuddles in a moment but first I have to destroy dad!”

“Mom please keep your beautiful and wonderful hands away from the war that Father and I have waged”

“Mom is for cuddling and dad is for playing”

We quite sure that this golden retriever actually loves his dada as much he does his mom, but hey where is the fun if he didnt have them for different stimulations. Fun-loving dogs are the most adorable!

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