This Dog Giving His Dad the Ultimate Side Eyes For Trying To Play Tricks Is The Comic Relief You Need

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dog gives his owner the side eyes

It is evident that the world wouldn’t really be a happy place without our four-legged friends. And time after time, the internet gives us reasons to believe this claim. Dogs, in particular, keep surprising us with their intelligence and smartness.

They really do not just stop at being our best friends, they also ensure to bring a good amount of love, laughter, and an extra spice as they walk into our lives.

In a humorous TikTok video, we got a taste of just how smart, intelligent, and funny dogs can be. The video shows a clever and quick-witted dog named Derek, who is smart enough to see right through his owner’s real intentions. Take a look.

As the video started, it was clear that Rocky was no ordinary canine. His expressive eyes were filled with intelligence that hinted that he knew what his owner was up to. His owner continued pointing at the treat on the bathtub and was repeatedly instructing Derek to go get his treat.

It was absolutely funny how Derek just sat there, throwing the occasional side eyes at his owner as if to say “I know what you are up to Hooman, and I’m not falling for your cheap tricks”

With the dog’s suspicious looks and the scope his owner had to use to get him into the bathtub, it is obvious that it is always a tussle to get Derek to get a bath. The comment section was extremely funny as some of the comments read:

“He saw that Hartz dog shampoo and now he doesn’t trust you!!!!”

“He said: I’m not a fool, and I don’t appreciate you treating me like one.”

“you’re not fooling me a 17th time. the first 16 I had my guard down. not today.”

It is obvious that Derek was no stranger when it came to the tactics of his owner. He had likely experienced a surprise bath disguised as treat-fetching before.

The look he kept throwing at his owner, just tells us that there’s no way Derek is going for that treat and it was absolutely hilarious to the end.

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