This Cute Puppy Refusing To Leave His Owner’s Side During Playtime Is Heart Melting

Dog wont leave his owners side story

Oftentimes, golden retrievers have been regarded as one of the cutest dogs in the world. They are exceptionally high on the cuteness scale but the golden retriever puppies are an overkill of sweetness and cuteness.

There are loads of reasons why golden retrievers have won millions of hearts among the mirage of reasons are their captivating smile, calm temperaments, adorable eyes, floppy ears, and constant enthusiastic greetings.

As much as they are all of these things and more, this puppy definitely wasn’t feeling up to par with his mates during playtime in a video shared on TikTok. Take a look.


Hudson did not participate much at his first kinderpuppy class during playtime, but I guess there is always next week! #ducktoller #retriver #puppy #dog #canadianpuppy #ducktollerpuppy #tollersoftiktok

♬ That’s Just My Baby Doge – Chicky Milky

As the video began, a group of his playful puppy mates tumbled around, enjoying each other’s company. But in the midst of the playful chaos, lays Hudson, with his big, cute eyes looking around whilst remaining pretty close to his human.

His fluffy, golden coat and puppy-sized paws were simply irresistible, no doubt we simply felt like reaching out and giving him a good rub, too bad he is somehow out of reach.

Seconds into the video, Hudson was greeted by other pup mates as if they were urging him to join in on the fun but he stays put with his human, thereby making us believe he isn’t interested in playtime but to remain by his owner’s side.

It did seem like he was having a moment of reflection and quietly appreciating his humans. Somehow, he does show us the lesson of ignoring distractions and taking a moment to focus on the things that matter the most (our loved ones).

Hudson is definitely a good and gentle boy, he sure prefers to be around his human than with the rest of his pairs. We absolutely enjoyed every bit of this heartwarming video and would love to see more from Hudson.

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