This Cat Falling Off The Table While Trying To Strike His Best Pose Is The Funniest Scene To Watch

Jasmine Okechukwu
Cat falls down

Cats are effortlessly funny and it’s always from one drama to the other with them. Now and then they goof around and naturally just bring joy into the lives of their owners.

It is a widespread phenomenon that they possess this nonchalant I don’t care attitude towards any and everything but deep down we all know they have mad love for their caregivers.

Well not only are cats funny pets, but they are also very smart and trainable animals, providing all their necessary needs is usually one of the easiest. However, their personalities and behaviors can vary depending on the unique cat.

In an amazing video published on TikTok, a distinguished and lovable cat poses for the camera, before a mishap causes him to scream most funnily and weirdly.

Many owners might get the standoffish, sassy, and sometimes well, egocentric cats, while others are even luckier to get the friendly, outgoing, and sweet ones. All in all, it doesn’t change the fact that these felines are all not adorable.

Hardly do we see cats patient enough to stand in front of a camera to take pictures, but the funky cat in a sizzling tux-like outfit was camera-ready.

While his owner takes different pictures of him, this incredible cat continues to change positions as if he striving for different poses.

This impressive view was cut short prematurely as he fell off the table whilst allowing his owner to get top-notch, spicy photos. The fall, however, wasn’t the only funny thing about the video, it’s the way he screamed as he touched the ground.

There’s no doubt about the fact that we had a pretty good laugh watching this video. We do hope he is doing okay after that iconic fall.

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