These Golden Retrievers Tried Out A Variety Of Meals And Their Reaction Is Priceless

Jasmine Okechukwu
Dogs reaction to variety of meals

Having a taste of a variety of foods is fun and enjoyable and dogs too love to take part in the food tasting activity.

Although the enthusiasm and excitement about tasting different foods, in general, can differ from dog to dog as each of them is unique in their own personalities and preferences, the fact still remains that some of them are adventurous about flavors and food.

As much as it is best practice to offer food that is of great quality and is very beneficial to your dog’s overall health, it is not a bad idea to throw in some treats that they are not so used to spice feeding time up a bit.

And that is exactly what this dog owner has done; prepared a table for a dogs to sit and enjoy a taste of a wide range of yummy meals. The video shared on TikTok by Tuckerbudzyn is not only an adorable sight to see but a funny one.

At the start of the video, Tucker is seen sitting pretty on the well-arranged table, awaiting the tasty meal his mom is about to dish out. But wait did he just hear her say she’s bringing a special guest?

There’s no way he’s gonna share anything with anyone else, so she better be kidding, Tucker thought. But well it is normal for things to not always go our way and so his brother Gator joined in on the fun that’s about to go down.

Whilst his mom introduced Gator, she explained that Tucker is two years older than Gator and Tucker didn’t like that she was spilling that tea so he threw a tantrum. Okay, enough talk! It’s time to try out some delicious food.

First, some boiled eggs were served, and Gator cleared his plate but Tuvker was a bit reluctant about eating his so Gator helped him out by snatching it off Tucker’s plate. The next dish was some tasty fish. From just looking at it Tucker just knows it going to be a big hit and he just couldn’t wait to have it in his mouth.

As soon as the fish was within their reach, both Tucker and Gator snatched it up and ate it recklessly. The third dish on the menu was Broccoli, well not just broccoli, steamed broccoli. We could hear Tucker say “Yuck!” It was obvious that he didn’t want to have anything to do with this particular dish.

Gator on the other hand didn’t seem to mind even though it tasted pretty bad. Now that’s done, their mum serves them another round of broccoli but this time it was dipped in cheese sauce.

Excited about this particular recipe, Tucker and Gator ate it all up with relish. Tucker didn’t even notice he was eating the same (tree of doom) broccoli he rejected some seconds ago.

For the next food trials, Todd a close friend of Gator and Tucker joined in, and together they all ate burgers and tacos which they enjoyed except that Todd found the burgers a bit dry.

After having all the sweet treats, they had a glass of milk to wash it down. This food tasting with these was absolutely fun and amazing to watch and we’d definitely love to try this with our dogs as well.

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